Open-Ended Ad Hoc Group on Measurability and Indicators

At its fifth session held in Bonn in September 2023, the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM5), adopted the Global Framework on Chemicals – For a Planet Free of Harm from Chemicals and Waste, along with a set of resolutions to support implementation.  In order to facilitate the reporting and monitoring of progress and impact in its implementation and contribute to assessing progress towards the vision, the Framework refers to a measurability structure in its Section XI and in its annex III. 

Resolution V/9 specifies that the measurability structure is the basis for measuring progress by and for stakeholders, according to the process outlined in section XI of the GFC. Further in resolution V/9, the ICCM5 decided to "establish an open-ended ad hoc group on measurability and indicators". The aim of this group is to prepare:

  • Recommendations for the finalizing of the measurability structure
  • A proposal for a set of indicators for annex III to the GFC

The open-ended ad hoc group on measurability and indicators is open for participation of all stakeholders. Participants are highly encouraged to have technical expertise, practical experience, and a readiness and capacity to contribute significantly to the work of the group. A balance of regional and sectoral representation within the group is essential.

The work of the group will be performed in an open and transparent manner to allow for broad stakeholder input. Consultations with stakeholders with experience in indicators development  will be essential.