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The UN Environment and the World Health Organization have jointly produced the official texts of SAICM which have been kindly financed by the Governments of Germany and Sweden. The foreword was provided by H.E. Minister Mariano Arana Sanchez of Uruguay and Ambassador Viveka Bohn of Sweden, who presided over the adoption of SAICM at the first session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management held in Dubai in February 2006.

SAICM texts are available in the six United Nations languages.

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Introductory letter from the UNEP Executive Director and the WHO Director General
Treaty text
Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management
New activities
included in the Global Plan of Action

At ICCM3 (17-21 September 2012), SAICM stakeholders agreed to the inclusion of new activities relating to the environmentally sound management of nanotechnologies and manufactured nanomaterials and hazardous substances within the life-cycle of electrical and electronic products in the Global Plan of Action of the Strategic Approach. The original text from ICCM3 can be found in Annex II of the meeting report.

Strategic approach to international chemicals management*

*This new version of SAICM texts exists in English only and includes the resolutions adopted by ICCM at its first, second and third sessions