Vision and Scope

II. Vision

7.            Our vision is a planet free of harm from chemicals and waste for a safe, healthy and sustainable future. 

III. Scope

8.            The scope of the Framework covers the life cycle of chemicals, including products and waste. [6] The Framework promotes initiatives to enhance the sound management of chemicals and waste, takes due account of other chemicals and waste instruments that have been developed to date, and is flexible enough to take account of new instruments. 

9.            The Framework is multi-stakeholder and multisectoral in nature. It encompasses the involvement of all relevant sectors, including environment, health, agriculture, and labour, and stakeholders across the life cycle of chemicals at the local, national, regional, and global levels, as well as consideration of environmental and social aspects that are critical to the sound management of chemicals and waste.



[6] For the purposes of the Framework, references to “chemicals and waste” and “life cycle of chemicals”, as well as related references, should be understood to reflect this scope.